Our goal is to help people realize that radicalization is bad, on all fronts.

The entire point of Cure Garments is to help people see reality and to encourage critical thinking. Things are nuanced and multi-faceted. There is no one size fits all approach to the world. Conversation with an open mind is important to improving yourself and the world around you.

We know it sounds corny, but there are elites out there that don't want you to succeed. There are bad people out there. The best way to beat those bad actors is to decentralize. The world is rigged and NFTs can help pull a little bit of that power away from them.

Strive to learn, strive to become better. Nature is a meritocracy, why can't society be?

Equality of Opportunity is the solution, not Equality of Outcome.

Why Retro-Futurism?

Retro-futurism is all about looking at the future in a positive light. We've found that the most nostalgia inducing, inspiring artwork is retrofuturistic. We want to share that with everyone.

The future can still be bright.